Friday, January 22, 2010

Distributing Aid

Today I visit various areas delivering food/rescue kits to families who have had little help as yet. Speaking to communities waiting for aid I realize that there are some areas too remote and considered hot zones that  large organization won't penetrate. Our team on the ground, Jonas and Karen rallies a group of five respected people from this small community. They in turn elect 7 more group leaders, who gather volunteers to spread through their neighborhood, assess the immediate needs, the injured, and damage to buildings. This task force will distribute aid from HUFH-PADF-OAS into their own community, send in Doctors, detail a plan to begin clear up, and rebuilding in the coming weeks and months. It's only by working with the community, answering to their specific needs can effective progress be made. With this model we will continue affecting more communities in a meaningful way. This is how it's always been here, those who don't have much are the most generous with what they do have, they help each other. The news of looting, sensational as it may be pales in comparison with the unity I've seen in action.  Now we have to gather a work force abroad to so we answer their needs.

1 comment:

  1. Let us know what you need from here.
    I see people wanting to send toys, but I am guessing toys
    are the very least of necessities right now.

    If money, canned goods, clothes or other things would most benefit, please give us a list as things come to mind so we can work on it from here.